Why Lincoln Media

Why Choose Lincoln Media as Your Agency?

All direct-to-consumer campaigns assume a risk that the products/services offered will not sell in sufficient volume to offset the cost of the campaign + the margin of profit forecast to define success.

Lincoln Media has the plan and the experience to execute DRTV campaigns which minimize risk and build sales volume with operating cash flow at a pace consistent with your actual sales.

THE KEY: LMS’s unique “hybrid approach” (blended performance-based/paid DRTV) advertising program – a scalable system that successfully minimizes initial cost and risk while identifying the best media delivery platforms for your offer.

Mission Statement

To help innovative direct-to-consumer companies reach national media markets with predictably high returns on their marketing investment.

Corporate Values

Honesty – toward all business relationships as our corporate namesake implies.

Integrity – unquestioned by all who interact with the company.

Service – to our customers beyond their expectations.

Fairness – to all clients, associates, vendors and shareholders.

Expertise – employing only the most dedicated and experienced media professionals.

Lincoln’s “DNA”

The company consists of people who all work to uphold corporate standards and client expectations.