Reaching and Connecting with Your Audience

Lincoln Media has been devoted to serving national direct-to-consumer marketers through the DRTV industry for decades.

TV remains the best way to efficiently and effectively reach the mass audience. Lincoln continues to rely on television to do the “heavy-lifting” and television remains the backbone of their campaigns. However, Lincoln has adapted their tactics to reflect the power of the internet and changing TV viewership habits. With more than 40% of the TV audience also using their “second screen” device – tablet, smartphone or laptop – it’s more than logical to use every tool available to establish a connection with the audience.

In order to ensure a user friendly experience across all inbound devices, Lincoln utilizes a media management system equipped to handle incoming data from telephone and web inquiries with equal ease. Our clients expect a compelling message that will create a call to action by the viewer – but that’s just half the battle. The viewer must be able to respond using their preferred device with little effort, and in as few steps as possible. That’s what Lincoln strives to deliver for every campaign. They have the unique tools and experience to create and deliver sales at a predictable CPO.

Lincoln Media understands that no two campaigns are alike, and that every direct marketer has their unique set of campaign objectives. Contact the team at Lincoln Media today to discuss your specific needs and we’ll start working on the campaign details!